Kinemaster Mod V5.1.14

Kinemaster Mod V5.1.14 [100% No Watermark, Premium Access]

Kinemaster Mod V5.1.14

Kinemaster Mod V5.1.14

App Name Kinemaster Mod V5.1.14
Mod Unlocked , No watermark
Size100 MB
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UpdatedThis week

We use smartphones for different tasks like Screen recordings, adding music to our videos, and making short clips. Now all this work has become so easy with one app called Kinemaster. Kinemaster is a video editing app on the google play store with all these features to record, edit, import, and export videos into high resolution like 4k and more features for editing your videos. 

Kinemaster is a very famous app, and it has more features compared to any other video editing. By using this, you can make the videos more unique. It has all the features that can help any content creator who creates content for social media or Youtube channels or is a video editor. This app will also be helpful and will best than any other app. 

It has too many features, but there are too many premium features that you need to pay to kinemaster for a monthly or yearly subscription. 

But worry not; today, I will provide you with a modified version of kinemaster, which is free. It has no ads and all the premium features. It is called Kinemaster mod V5.1.14 Apk. 

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Kinemaster Mod V8 Apk

Kinemaster Mod V5.1.14 Apk

Kinemaster mod V5.1.14 is the Best video editing app and a modified version of kinemaster. It has all the premium features and 100% no watermark, and no ads. The kinemaster is on the play store. If you use that, you need to purchase the kinemaster subscription yearly or monthly, but by utilizing this kinemaster mod V5.1.14 apk, you don’t need to pay for any subscription, and You will able to access all the premium features free of cost.  

It has all the premium features for editing your videos. It is the perfect app if you want to do video editing on your smartphone, with all the features that can make your videos unique. If you are a content creator, social media influencer, or Youtube content creator, this will make your videos helpful and easy to understand for your audience and viewers.  

If you are looking for the best video editing app, I recommend you try this app. You will get outstanding features to make your videos more unique.  Also check Ai Video Enhancer App

Features of Kinemaster Mod V3

If I talk about features, there are too many features that will help you make your videos outstanding, and the unique kinemaster mod V5.1.14 has all the elements and no watermark for editing your videos. Using this kinemaster mod version, you can edit your videos without paying any subscription to kinemaster, and with all the premium features needed for anyone who wants to make unique videos, they are video editors who wish to edit videos by just using the smartphone. 

This app is a perfect and all-in-one solution for video editing with all the premium features. You will love it!! 

No watermark kinemaster

No Watermark On Exported Videos

The main issue for kinemaster users is the watermark, and if you want to remove the watermark, you need to pay for a subscription to the kinemaster app. So now this problem is solved because developers have developed the mod version of kinemaster, which is Kinemaster mod V5.1.14 and  it has no watermark 100%  

speed kinemaster

Speed Control: Go Slow Motion Or High Speed It Up As You Like

Using this feature of Kinemaster mod V3, You can set the speed control on your export, and You will have so much variety to create something new from your existing footage.

This Kinemaster mod apk has all slow motion or speed control for your videos. That is something I like about this app. 

And if you use other apps for speed, they are too slow compared to this apk of kinemaster mod might be possible other apps worked best for you. Still, kinemaster mod V5.1.14 has worked best than any other app for speed-up videos or for adding slow motions in my social media videos. That’s why I recommend you also try this! 

Hundreds Of Transition Effects

Transition effects will give an outstanding look to your video when your video is finally exported, and this kinemaster mod version has hundreds of transitions effects for editing your videos and making your videos more unique. 


Chroma Key Supported

It has a chroma key, which I love for my youtube videos. For adding any background to my videos, all you need to do is select the color or image you want to show in your video, and this kinemaster pro version will do it for you! If you want to learn more about the Green screen effect about how to use this chroma key, You may also check 

Guide: How to use the green screen effect in Kinemaster

Some More Features of Apk

  • Add a subtitle in your video 
  • Premium asset store
  • Voice recordings 
  • Trim your videos 
  • 3d Effects
  • Transition effects.
  • Control of brightness and saturation
  • Video fade in / fade out 
  • Sound effects 
  • And much more

For Editing your Photos You can also Check vsco mod apk old versions

How To Download And Install The Kinemaster mod V5.1.14 APK On Your Mobile?

Downloading the kinemaster V5.1.14 Apk on your mobile is very easy. Just click on the download button, and Your download will start. If, after 5 seconds, your download has not started, click again on the download button, and Your downloading will start. 

After downloading the apk file 

Go to Your Phone settings > Allow the Unknown source

Press the install button 

And Your app will be successfully downloaded 

In this way, you can download the kinemaster mod version and enjoy your video editing.


Here are some common questions that users ask about the kinemaster mod Kinemaster mod V5.1.14 apk I tried my best to answer all the questions, but if anything remains or if there is an issue you are facing, you can also reach out to me at my email, I will try to respond you as soon as possible.

KineMaster needs to be fixed for me; what should I do?

Please remember that kinemaster is not compatible with all appliances. If you are using a low-end smartphone, you should try the kinemaster lite version. 

Make sure to check whether the download link is working or not.

What should I do when Kinemaster has stopped?

If your app is not working, close it from your recent app and open it again.

Why is Kinemaster crashing all of a sudden?

It only happens when there is an issue with your installation. Just make sure the kinemaster apk is properly installed on your mobile phone. 


That is all about the kinemaster V5.1.14 Apk. I have shared all my personal experience and reasons why you should choose the kinemaster for video editing hope you enjoyed and installed this kinemaster V5.1.14 apk 

I wish You the best of Luck – Happy video editing. 

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