Green Kinemaster APK pro download ( No watermark + Unlocked ) 2024

Green Kinemaster APK is the best video editing app for those who want professional-quality editing. This app is an unlocked version with all the premium features, and it’s 100% watermark-free. You can use this app for video editing for your social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok

Green kinemaster apk

Kinemaster Green ( No watermark )

App Name Kinemaster Green
PublisherGreen Kinemaster Pro
Size35 MB
Version V.5.4.1
Mod InfoNo watermark
Last updateThis week

What is Kinemaster Green mod apk?

Everyone doesn’t own a PC or laptop, and everyone wants to avoid sitting down with a laptop or computer and editing video footage. So for that cause, they want an app by which they can edit their videos just using their smartphones.

but many people try the different apps, so they only get a few features, and they get disappointed. So for that, now we have kinemaster green pro apk which allows you to edit your videos without any watermark in your video with all premium features for video editing.

this app offers you a wide range of premium assets and graphics and fonts, animations to edit your videos just by using your smartphone. 

Why Green Kinemaster 

Green kinemaster apk

Green kinemaster Apk is a unique video editor for video editing because the features of kinemaster Green Pro apk are different from other video editing apps like capcut or Powerdirector. It has all the elements to make your videos unique. 

Using this app, you can edit your videos and make your videos more unique. If you are a social media content creator or Youtube content creator, I suggest you use this kinemaster green apk because it has all the features to make your videos unique for your audience. 

For any video you want to make and edit, this app is perfect and has all the premium features, and green kinemaster has no watermark. You can also use the premium asset store of kinemaster using this green kinemaster mod apk. You Must try this if you are a video editor.  

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is this Green Kinemaster apk free? 

Yes, this apk of green kinemaster is completely free. Suppose you use a version of kinemaster from the play store. In that case, you must purchase a kinemaster subscription to remove a watermark from your video and edit your videos.

Still, now this problem will solve, and you can use this kinemaster green apk for free 100% with all premium features. 

 No watermark 100%

As mentioned, if you use a version of kinemaster, you need to purchase a subscription to remove a watermark from your videos. Still, using this kinemaster green apk, you will have no watermark 100%. Nobody likes watermarks in videos of any brand. Now you can edit your videos for free and with no watermarks 100% 

Features of Green Kinemaster Mod apk

If we talk about features, so green Kinemaster mod apk is full of amazing features you can use for video editing. You will get all the premium features in this green kinemaster apk version. 

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Here is a List of Green kinemaster Apk features 

  • Layers of videos and photography with textual layers 
  •  Fade in/fade out sound 
  •  Chroma Key 
  •  Saturation controls and brightness 
  •  All the controls for video 
  •  Premium Asset store 
  •  3D transitions and all other transitions like wipes, fades, and extra) 

Transitions Effects

Have you seen movies, and have you seen transitions in movies such as wipe-out & fade effects? You may also know these effects are amazing, and they can make your videos more amazing. Now this problem will solve by just using this green kinemaster apk. You can use all types of transition effects. You can also use 3D Transitions and other transitions like wipes, fades and much more. 


Using this Green kinemaster apk version, you can also use different animations to make your videos more unique. 

Voice Recording


Have you seen different motivational videos? You can also make these videos so that this feature will be helpful for you. Using this feature, you can do voice-over in your videos no matter what video is playing. Just click on voice-over, and the recording will start for you, and the voice will be shorted in your video. 

Asset Store of Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

kinemaster green apk

You can access all the premium graphics and images for your video editing. This feature is a premium and paid feature in the Green kinemaster apk version. Still, using this green kinemaster apk, you can use this feature for free and access all the premium assets for free without buying any subscription. 

Recent Project

If you discontinue your editing for any reason or suddenly your phone turns off, there is no need to worry. This Green kinemaster apk will save all your changes automatically in recent projects 


Using this, you can short any videos with your dates or a project creation date. 

File Locations

Using this Green kinemaster apk version, you can save by selecting the file location of your edited file. You will get audio, video, photos and frame capture video settings. 

Editing Settings in Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

There is a setting where you can easily set the duration of your photos and video layers

Default Photo Duration and Default Layer Duration

These both are only 6 seconds. 

Other Settings are:

Photo Cropping It’s up to you how much you want to crop your photo. You can also add a video to your full-screen video using this Green kinemaster apk version. You can easily do photo cropping for photos of your videos. 

Information Settings

You will get all the information about your apk version and your account in this information setting.

Project Assistant

If you have no experience in video editing and want to do video editing, this feature will be one of the best features for you. Add the video select the effects you want to apply, and sound and music, and your video will be ready! 

Empty Project

Using this, you can edit your videos with all the premium features. You have to click on the empty project and add your video file, and then you are ready to start your professional video editing to make your videos more unique. 


You have edited a video, and you don’t want to lose that editing and want to create a new one without any worries. With this duplication feature, you can create a duplicate copy of your video or project. 

Overlay Animations

One of the famous animations of the Green kinemaster apk is Motion Elements, Roto, Cursors, and Speed Lines. The Good news is now you can access all the premium animations for free from the kinemaster green asset pro store. 

The Text

If you want to add subtitles to your video, or you want to add any textual information to your video, then the text is so important for you. Not only does the text make videos unique, but text with premium fonts can make more professional videos. Using this green kinemaster apk version, you can access all the premium fonts for your video editing. 


What is Green Kinemaster?

Kinemaster Green is a kine master-modified version with all the premium features and 100% no watermark. This app is best for everyone who uses a smartphone and wants to do video editing using a smartphone. 

What are the features of KineMaster Green?

As mentioned in our article, there are too many features of kinemaster, like premium asset store animations. Premium fonts and much more to make your videos unique

Is Green Kinemaster user-friendly?

Yes, this app is very easy to use with an easy interface. 

Can you do a green screen on Green Kinemaster Pro Apk?

You can remove any video background using the chroma key feature. 

Is Green Kinemaster Pro Apk safe to use?

Yes, this app is 100% safe to use. No need to worry. We have been using this app for a long time for our video editing features. 

What are the system requirements for KineMaster Green?

You should have at least 1 GB of RAM. 

Where can I download KineMaster Green?

You can download this from our website. 

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Final Verdict

The kinemaster green apk is best for anyone who wants to do video editing with all premium features and no watermark by using a smartphone. 

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