Kinemaster Gold Apk Download 2024 (No Watermark, Premium)

Kinemaster Gold Apk

Kinemaster Gold Apk Pro Unlocked, 4k 60 FPS

App NameKinemaster Gold Apk
ModNo water mark Premium
Last update Last Week

Do you know that Kinemaster is a top-rated app on the Google play store and so favorite video editing app for video editing? It has many features to improve and take your video editing experience to the next level. Today we have kinemaster Gold apk for you, which has all features and no watermark. You can edit your videos without any watermark and with premium features. Kinemaster Pro apk was a very famous apk, and this Kinemaster Gold is another new version of kinemaster. 

Info of Kinemaster Gold APK

Kinemaster Gold is another version of the kinemaster video editing app, but it is perfect for small size smartphones, and it has all features like the Kinemaster Pro apk Here is some more info for this apk 

App Name Kinemaster Gold APK
Size 25 MB
Required Android Version4.1 and up
Price Free
Special Info Golden Interface, PremiumGolden Interface, Premium

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What Is Kinemaster Gold Apk

Kinemaster Gold apk is another version of kinemaster that allow you to edit your videos with the best layout and premium features. It has all the best premium features for content creators who create content for social media or YouTube channels.

with Kinemaster Gold, you will have
All premium features to edit your video
easy to use interface
No watermark 100%
Premium assets to edit your videos more professional
various transitions and effects for your video editing

The best video editing app with all features to edit your videos is unique. Using this app, you can also make slow motions in your video. You can also use the green screen effect to remove the background of any video if you want. This app will provide you with all the premium features to edit your videos using the smartphone without any PC. Even you can access all the features of video editing using this kinemaster gold apk version. Using this, you can edit your videos by yourself even if you do not need to buy any heavy, expensive PC for video editing or hire any video editor for your video editing.

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Why Kinemaster Gold APK?

Kinemaster Gold Apk

Why kinemaster gold apk only? Why not other versions of Kinemaster? kinemaster gold has many premium features for video editing, which can help you edit your videos. There are many versions of kinemaster apk, like kinemaster diamond, but why is Kinemaster Gold special? It has all the same premium features as other versions of kinemaster, but kinemaster gold apk doesn’t need any high-space memory for use or downloading. The app can work on 2GB low-end Android versions with fast performance and all premium features.

You may be using a low-ended smartphone, and you have tried other versions of kinemaster apk, which may work in slow performance for your phone for the best performance for all the same features and low-ended Android phones.

Today we have this new version for you which will even work in low ended Android phones with all premium features to edit your videos.

Features of Kinemaster Gold APK

  • Unlocked 4K Support
  • Unique Animations & Fonts
  • Updated Timeline
  • Smooth Video-Editing
  • Different 3D Transitions 
  • No watermark
  • All premium features
  • Chroma Key
  • Premium Assets Available
  • 3D Transitions & Effects

Explained Features of Kinemaster Gold APK

Still in doubt? So read about the features of the Kinemaster Gold apk. We have explained all the amazing features of this version. There is also an FAQS section in this article where you can read most of the answers people ask for this kinemaster Gold apk.

Unique Golden Interface

Kinemaster Gold Apk

The amazing and professional Gold interface of this kinemaster version makes it more special, and all features are premium without any bugs and errors.

The interface has too many amazing options to use

Empty Project

By this, you can select any image or video to start your video editing.

Project Assistant

This feature will help you make quick videos with animations, images, and other effects.

Support Corner

In case of any issue or bug you are facing or need help with anything while using this kinemaster gold apk, you can click on the support corner to get your problem solved by the kinemaster gold apk team.

Kinemaster Gold Apk Asset Store

In the interface, you will also get an asset store from which you can access premium assets for your video editing.

Customizable Settings

Using this version, you can easily customize your settings, like cropping photos or editing video layers, or voice / audio customization settings. It will also allow you to set multiple parameters while editing your videos. 

In this, there is another option of frame rate, which allows you to set the frame rate per second (FPS) of your choice.

Media Browser

Using this feature, you can upload any photos/videos from your phone files or gallery to your kinemaster app.

Colour Filter

You can use many colour filters for your images to increase their brightness or edit them with a colour filter.

Colour Adjustment

In this, you will get three options for colour adjustment.

Brightness: using this, you can increase or reduce the brightness of your content like image or video

Contrast: You can use this feature to control or reduce contrast

Saturation: Using this, you can increase or reduce the saturation of your project

Vignette Effect

In videos, you have seen dark edges of images. Now your, this problem will also solve using this kinemaster gold apk. You can also use this feature.

Overlay Animations and Stickers

Abstracts, Icons, Reactions and more animations are available at the kinemaster asset store. You can download and use them for free on the other side; you will get all the basic animations and stickers in your kinemaster gold version.

The Text

Using this version, you will also get premium fonts for text, which you can use in your video. You can also add subtitles to your videos, different headings, and more using the premium fonts of this app. 

All the premium fonts are available in this version of kinemaster which you can use for your video editing, and you can use this text as a layer in your video while editing your videos.


Using this kinemaster, you will get different types of animations, like in and out animations.

Alpha (Opacity)

For control of the transparency of a layer, this version provides you with the feature of Alpha opacity to have full control of the transparency of your layer while editing your videos.

Chroma Key in KineMaster Gold Apk

Do you want to change the background of your videos using this, you can also do this. We also have a detailed article on our website about How to use the green screen effect in Kinemaster . This feature can change the background of your video to any new background you want. You need to upload that background and enable that feature.


Audio Fade in & Fade Out

If you want a clip gradually increased, you can use the audio fade feature; if you want a clip gradually decrease, you can use the option of audio fade-out. Maximum durion is only 15 seconds in both features.

Default Photo Cropping

This feature will identify a Human’s face and focus on it more. Using this feature, you can also select the images fit to screen

Volume Control in KineMaster Gold Apk

Using this kinemaster gold apk, you will have great features of volume control like 

Compressor: Using this, you can compress your volume 

The volume of Earpiece: Using this, you can control different levels of audio for the left and right earpiece

Pitch: You can select the pitch using this feature softer pitch will make the audio softer, and a hard pitch will make the audio harder

Audio Filter

Using this gold apk, you will get different audio filters like Hipmunk, Deep, and Robotic filters. These filters will help you make your videos more unique

Small-size, Higher Performance

Higher Performance

In all kinemaster versions, the kinemaster gold apk is the only version is only apk with a small size, but it does,t mean it has no features or performance. kinemaster gold apk has all performance for premium video editing, like kinemaster pro apk with Higher performance. Like other versions of Kinemaster, it is best for low-end Android devices. Use this for your premium video editing, even on low-end Android devices. 

Premium Assets Available


Do you like beautiful transitions, effects, GIF animations, and sound effects libraries? This kinemaster gold apk has all these amazing assets for your video editing. the golden point about this asset library is it keeps updates from time to time with new premium assets for your video editing

Smooth Video Editing

Smooth Video Editing

No bugs & glitches in this Kinemaster Gold apk. It provides you with smooth video editing. There were some errors in the old version, so worry not to just update this version with your old version to enjoy the premium features of video editing & smooth video editing experience for editing your videos for video-editing up to 1080p. You can use this kinemaster gold apk version.

High-Quality Import & Export

High-Quality Import & Export

The great support of Kinemaster Gold apk is you can import & export videos up to 4K 60 FPS. Small size does t mean you can not import or export videos.
Note: if you are using a low-ended phone with less than 6GB RAM, please edit only 480p or 720p or 1080p videos; otherwise, your phone device may be heated, or apk may be crushed

All Videos Supported

This version updated the old version, which had some bugs. This version supports all video formats. Now, all unsupported formats are supported in this kinemaster version.

Installation Guide For Kinemaster Gold APK

Installing the Kinemaster Gold apk apk is very easy, but it may be hard for a few people who have yet to download any apk files. To download this apk, follow our installation guide.

1/Download If your download does not start, click again on it 

2/Go to your phone settings and enable unknown source installation. It would help if you did this Because you are downloading apk outside of the google play store 

3/After enabling the unknown source, you can start installing the app 

4/ Tap on the install button and let the app install 

5/ After the installation process will complete app will automatically show on your smartphone

Now you can enjoy this Kinemaster Gold apk version wish you the best of luck.  

What Makes the Gold version different from other mods?

Kinemaster Gold has all features like other versions of kinemaster. It has no watermark and all premium features. The difference is that the kinemaster gold apk size is small size, and it is for low-end Android devices

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Pons & Cons of Kinemaster Gold


Unique Features

No Watermark

Work on Low-end android devices

Best for video editing


6GB RAM have some limits of editing

People Also Ask(FAQs)

Q: How to download KineMaster Gold APK?

You can download the Kinemaster gold apk by clicking the download button on our website. The apk is free to download, and it has no watermark 100%

Q: Kinemaster Gold APK is safe to install?

Kinemaster Gold apk is 100% safe to use, and even though it is a light weight apk version for low ended android phones, it has all the premium features to take your video editing to the next level. This app is 100% safe to use and best for video editing.

Q: What are the special features of Kinemaster Gold APK?

If we talk about the features of the Kinemaster Gold apk, this apk comes with all premium features of video editing. It has no watermark, and it has all the premium features of import and export. You can also exports videos in 4K using this kinemaster Gold apk. It has all the animation effects and high performance. This app is full of special features

How can I install KineMaster Gold in iPhone?

Sadly there is no version for iphone for this kinemaster Gold apk. Still, you may find kinemaster for ios which is supported for IPhone, it has all premium features like kinemaster Gold apk, and if you are using a Pc, you can download any Android PC Emulator for use this kinemaster gold on your Pc or Windows

Q: KineMaster Gold is updated regularly?

Yes, this app comes with time to time update like most the apps kinemaster do not update, but this kinemaster gold comes with time to time update for all features and assets.

Q: How to remove watermarks from videos?

There is no watermark in this kinemaster version of the kinemaster gold apk. It is a watermark-free apk version for video editing.

Conclusion:- Kinemaster Gold APK

Thanks a lot for reading this article. Now you have to come to an end. Well, let’s talk about the conclusion for the kinemaster gold apk. It is the best video editing apk for video editing for your social media content, youtube channel or tiktok videos. This apk provides you with all features for video editing, and it has all premium features of editing all premium features of videos importing & exporting and all other features like animations and assets for video editing I am using this app personally many time in my low end Android device so I would highly suggest trying this app for your video editing I am sure you will like it

Thanks for reading Best of Luck & Happy editing

Kinemaster Gold Apk

Kinemaster Gold Apk Download

Price: Free

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Andriod

Application Category: Video editor

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