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Kinemaster Prime Apk Download 2023 [100% Working + No Watermark]

Kinemaster Prime Mod Apk is a New upgrade for movie makers & video editors with all premium features, Like a Green screen effect, premium assets, and no watermark 100%. the best version for anyone who wants to do video editing using a smartphone. This version of kinemaster has more features than kinemaster old version of kinemaster mod apk

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kinemaster prime apk

Kinemaster Prime Apk


100% Secure | New Version | Kinemaster

App Name Kinemaster Prime Apk
Size 20.1 MB
Version Kinemaster Prime version 4.15
Last UpdateOne day Ago

What Is Kinemaster Prime

Kinemaster Application is a video editing application that is already available on Play Store & App Store, but to use all premium features for premium video editing, you need to buy a premium kinemaster subscription for which you need to pay. Kinemaster Prime is for you, which is free, and it has all features to edit your videos for your video editing projects. It provides all video editing features in the best and most professional, unique way. 

Using this kinemaster prime version, you can import and export high-quality videos, like 4k. It has a completely unlocked and free asset store, from which you can use premium assets to do your videos. Many people have yet also to have High space smartphones. The best thing about this kinemaster prime apk is that it works best in Low Space or Low ended Android phones. The version is a new, updated version of the kinemaster pro apk This version is best for movie makers also to edit their movies with more features 

This kinemaster prime mod apk version can help anyone who wants to create stunning videos with unlimited graphics & unlimited templates, HD images, GIFs, frames, etc.

Kinemaster Latest Version Prime Apk

You already know about what kinemaster Prime APK is. As we discussed, I want to tell you in more detail why you should use this version for your video editing and what is special or new in this latest version of kinemaster prime apk. As we already discussed in our article that the app of kinemaster, which is on the google play store or app store, has few features for using that feature in that app; you need to buy a subscription to Kinemaster. This apk is developed by another company, and this is the complete version of kinemaster prime with all premium features for free you do not need to buy a subscription of kinemaster 

The developer has developed this apk of kinemaster for free, and with no subscription, you can use it for your video editing. All your video editing issues will be solved, and you can make good videos. Some versions of kinemaster need a High-end android version, but this kinemaster version will also solve your this problem. This apk will also work in low – ended Android devices. This app provides extra facilities and features for video editing, which I provide in this article. 

This Apk version of kinemaster is a 100% Safe and Fast Speed video editing app that supports all Android devices. You may also check the kinemaster mod apk for pc. In this article; we have provided a guide about using this kinemaster prime apk on your pc. 

Try this Kinemaster’s latest version for your video editing and projects. The app is 100% with no bugs in. Case If you find any bugs or issues, you can report to them or in the comment box at the end of the article 

Kinemaster Prime Apk Features

Let’s talk about features so it has many premium video editing features for your video editing. To use these features in the kinemaster version of the google play store, you need to purchase a monthly subscription to the kinemaster, but now You can use all these premium features for free. Now this apk is more updated than the old version of the Kinemaster mod apk. It has many new features to improve video editing, like supporting all Android versions. It has full HD Layers, speed, Transitions Effects, Voice Over & Multilayer Audio and more premium features. It has an asset store from which you can use HD Graphics and images for free without paying for any paid monthly subscription 

We have given a list of Features and descriptions for it in this article, and we also have articles on our website about using these features on our website blog Page. These features will help you to edit your video more professionally and uniquely. 

For downloading on PC

To use this on a PC, You need to download any Android Emulator device on your pc. You can search for it on Google or let me make it easy. Just install BLUESTACKS android Emulator and this kinemaster apk to use on your PC 

Here are the Steps also 

Step no 1 Go to Google and search and install BLUESTACKS Android Emulator on your computer or PC 

Step no 2 Download this version and run it using your bluestacks android Emulator. We also have more information about it on our website. You may read. Also, if you want to download and you are facing issues, check here 

How does the Kinemaster Prime app work?

 This app is very easy to use compared to other video editing apps. The app has a very easy-to-use interface and features for anyone who wants to edit video using a smartphone.

Step no 1 decides the purpose of making the video.

Step no two open the app, then click on Create a Project. After that, you will find an option for creating a new project. Click on it

Step no 3 Upload the video, and now you are ready to do your video editing

Step no 4 Once you are done, click on export your video, and it will be exported to your phone gallery

Here is List of Kinemaster Prime Apk features

Reverse Video Mode To Create Unique Slice.
Able To Add Background Music, Audio songs.
Support All Video & Audio Format.
Direct Preview Mode.
Export Video and Direct Share On Facebook, YouTube, and Dropbox
Lite Version.
Full HD Layers.
Enable Chroma Key For Working On Green Screen.
Speed Upto 4X, 8X,16X.
Unlimited Video Layer.
Blending Features.
Supported All Android Versions.
4K Video Export is a Unique Feature.
All Premium Assets Included With Free.
KineMaster Prime With No Watermark.
New Transitions Effects.
Asset Store Update.
Audio Overlap.
Voice Over & Multilayer Audio.
Keyframe Animation Mode.

Supported All Android Versions.

It supports all the Android versions of smartphones. You can use this kinemaster prime apk easily in any version of Android. It also works best on low-ended Android versions with fast speed and all premium features. Case if you are facing any issues while using this, you can feel free to reach out to us by emailing 

Worries not, it will work and help on all versions of Android for your video editing and video editing projects. Now those days are gone when you need high-processor computers to edit videos unique and professional now; you can edit your videos on any smartphone using the kinemaster prime apk. You may also check the version of the kinemaster diamond.

Enable Chroma Key For Working On Green Screen.


Now Using this Kinemaster Enable chroma key, You can also change the background of your videos. You can make unique and professional videos using these features. 

Everyone wants to change the background of a video. For that, we need the feature of a green screen or chroma key to change our video background, so in this version, you will have the amazing feature of a chroma key to remove your video background. 

You can also make amazing images using this kinemaster prime version. If you don’t know how to use this feature, worry not. You can read here about how to use the kinemaster green screen effect. We have a complete guide and article about it on our website 

Full HD Video .

Everyone will love and like your video content if your videos are in HD Quality. This kinemaster prime apk version provides you with all the best visuals and navigation for setting up your video pixels and making your videos higher resolution videos it supports up to 1080 x 720-pixel resolution. You can select all video quality from low to high on phones, even phones with less RAM

3D Transitions

 Kinemaster 3D Transitions

Now You can also Use 3D Transitions using this kinemaster prime apk. This transition plays a special
role in keeping the audience interested throughout the videos. The version is updated with new transitions.
Like mosaics, buffers, and other adjustable and controlled fade and clipping zone, Now you can make more unique videos using the new 3D Transition features of kinemaster prime and make unique and appealing videos to your audience.

Asset store

Among all the Amazing features of kinemaster prime apk, one of the best features is the premium asset store feature in kinemaster prime apk. The version provides you with all the premium assets like HD Images Graphics and more to take your video editing to the next level.

Premium assets will make your video editing unique and professional in the version of kinemaster, which is the google play store, you need to pay for this feature to use this feature of premium asset store, but in this version, this feature is completely free for you.

Download this kinemaster prime apk version and try this premium asset store of kinemaster. I am sure you will like this. I have been using this feature for a long term for my and my friend’s videos. It always provides amazing graphics and images, making videos more unique and much more professional than before using this feature.

Watermark Removed

No watermark kinemaster mod apk 100%

If you have used the play store version of kinemaster or other video editing apps, maybe you know that it always attaches a watermark. Now this problem will also solve because this kinemaster prime apk has no watermark, and it is 100% without a watermark kinemaster mod apk version for your video editing

Control Playback Speeds

There are a lot of premium features we have discussed already in this article. Have you seen movies or videos with Slow Motion and fast-motion effects? If yes, you also know it makes videos or movies more unique. This kinemaster prime apk version comes with a feature called control playback speeds. Using this, You can add slow motions in your videos or fast forward the speed of your video clips now. Your this problem will also solve

Using this, you can add slow or fast motion to your videos or easily control your video’s playback speed. This feature will also help you in creating your videos more uniquely.

Kinemaster premium apk

Audio & Voice over feature

Add custom music or songs in the background of your video using this kinemaster premium audio feature. Adding music to videos can make videos more unique, and this kinemaster prime also provides a music library from which you can import and export premium music and sound effects for your videos. Using this kinemaster version, you don’t need to download music from anywhere. You will get all in this version all premium music and sound effects to edit your videos to be unique and professional
if you are a YouTuber or content creator, this feature will be so helpful for you. Good background music in your videos will also let your audience watch your content and keep their inst rest high also while watching your video on youtube or content on social media

All the video editors who edit the videos download the music from different sources, but now this problem is solved using this kinemaster prime apk. Using this kinemaster version, you can also do a voice-over in your videos. If you want to add another layer of audio using this feature, this problem will also solve

This feature will also help you to edit your videos more professionally.

Export in Different Resolutions

Video exporting is a very important feature in every video editing app for export from the app to your phone Gallery. This kinemaster prime also has a feature in which you can export your videos up to 30 FPS or 60 FPS. 60 Frames per second is for long videos, which may take more memory on your smartphone. It will export the video without any watermark 100%

Supported by Slow Processors

You don’t need any high-performance smartphone. It will also work on slow processors and low-end smartphones. Yes, all the speeds and features will remain the same and work the same as they work with fast processors. Don’t worry about it now. This problem will also be solved. You can use the kinemaster version even on slow processors.

Kinemaster Social media integration

Social media integration

Do you want a video editing app in which you can directly share your videos to your social media or upload them to your youtube channel? This app will be perfect for you. It provides all features to share your videos to Facebook & Instagram and directly upload to your youtube channel after exporting your videos. It can be easily shared to social media platforms or the youtube channel you want to upload a video to it

This feature will also be helpful for you if you are social media content creator or a youtube content creator. This app is for everyone.

User-friendly Interface

Kinemaster has an intuitive user interface, So you can easily edit your videos. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy for anyone who wants to do video editing without experience. Using this version, you will get the best and easy-to-use user-friendly interface for your video editing.

Using this version, you can do video editing without any tech-savvy knowledge of video editing. It is best for newbies who are starting and content creators who are already doing video editing and now want to make it easier by doing it using a smartphone using kinemaster apk

Installation Guide For KineMaster Prime Apk

Installing the Kinemaster Prime apk is very easy, but it may be hard for a few people who have yet to download any apk files. To download this apk, follow our installation guide.
1/Download If your download does not start, click again on it
2/Go to your phone settings and enable unknown source installation. It would help if you did this Because you are downloading apk outside of the google play store
3/After enabling the unknown source, you can start installing the app
4/ Tap on the install button and let the app install
5/ After the installation process will complete app will automatically show on your smartphone

Now you can enjoy this Kinemaster Prime apk version wish you the best of luck.

What are the requirements for using the Kinemaster Prime APK?

There is no any special requirement for downloading this kinemaster prime version it work on all high and low – ended smart phones .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How To Kinemaster 4k Prime Apk Download?

Kinemaster 4k prime apk is the best video editing app, providing you with the best features and premium features. It has no watermark. Using this kinemaster version, you can edit any video for your social media content or for any purpose you want to do video editing. You can easily do that using that app.
To download this app, just click on download now button on this page, then it will start downloading on your smartphone

How To Use Chroma Key Effect in Kinemaster Prime?

Chroma key is another amazing feature of kinemaster that help you to edit your videos. Using this, you can remove any video background.
 Here are some steps which will help you in using the chroma key in kinemaster prime 
Export the Layers, then add the green screen clips under the background layer.
Click on the clips to select them.
Then, activate the chroma key on the menu’s right side.
If you are confused, you can read here we have a complete article on it how to use the green screen effect or chroma key in kinemaster  

How much is KineMaster Prime?

to remove watermark and Use all premium features this will cost 3.99 per month or $39.99 per

How to remove watermark in Kinemaster Prime for free

If you will download our kinemaster prime apk so it has all premium features and no watermark 100%, and it’s free for you. It will help you use all the premium features of kinemaster and export your videos without any watermark.

is it safe to download kinemaster prime apk

Yes this is 100% safe to use and download


In conclusion, kinemaster prime apk is the best video editing app for anyone who wants to do video editing using a smartphone with all premium features and no watermark 100%

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