How to add effects in kinemaster

How To Add Effects In KineMaster [ Step-by-Step ] Latest Guide 2024

Today we are discussing the new feature of Kinemaster mod & Kinemaster Diamond Apk version Yes, today we will discuss how to add effects in kinemaster. This feature work in both Windows and Android 

So are you excited to Know about what they can help you achieve? So here is a complete Guide for you on How to add effects in Kinemaster for video editing

If You are unknown of this Video editing software or App, which is Kinemaster so, let me tell you before

What is Kinemaster


Kinemaster is a famous video editing app for anyone who wants to do video editing on a premium level. This app is more prominent on the play store and also the most downloaded app on the Play Store with thousands of downloads. The app is also an editor choice app by Google Play store for video editing app for video editors on the Google Play store. It has too many features to make your videos unique. 

The exciting news for you all is that kinemaster has launched a new feature and upgraded the kinemaster app with new features Like effects, which is very simple to use; anyone can use it by just dragging and dropping it. You can add products, transitions, titles, and music without Technical Knowledge of video editing. 

Do You know about DSLR? If yes, you may also know what amazing videos people use on the DSLR. Even many Youtubers nowadays record their videos using DSLR to make them unique and precise. Still, everyone can,t afford the DSLR, but everyone is using a smartphone, so now, just using the new feature of Kinemaster, which is a kinemaster timeline, will make your videos with smooth touch. 

Sounds Good? If Yes, So You can try new versions of kinemaster and try these new features 

Overall I have been using this kinemaster app for video editing for 3-4 Years, and it has provided me with excellent video editing experience for my videos. This app is the perfect video editing app if you want to take your editing to the next level and make more unique videos. 

How to install and use Kinemaster

If you want to download the Kinemaster App for free, You can download it from the kinemaster free downloading website. 

To install this, you need to go to the website, open the download page, find the latest version, and just click on the download button, and your download will start. 

If You are a Smart Phone user, make sure you have allowed unknown Sources from your phone settings.

install kinemaster steps

then start installing the app. After install After installation, the app will automatically show on your smartphone after the installation process. After the installation process, the app will automatically display on your smartphone.

If you are a PC user, You must have a bluestacks android Emulator. You need to download the kinemaster for the pc and locate the folder. Let me help you with this. You can identify it very quickly by default, C:\Program Files\KineMaster. If you want to change the location, it’s on you. If you wish to change the location, it’s straightforward. Just click on settings and enter the place where you want to save 

Once you locate it successfully, click on it “Kinemaster.exe, “and Your file will start the program. Once it completes, you can use kinemaster on your Windows PC. 

To use the kinemaster effects, open your kinemaster app, then click on products, and you will see the list of the effects. Select the product and video file where you want to add these effects, and your video will be ready with the result. 

What are the Effects in KineMaster?

Well, even if we see there are too many effects in kinemaster by which you can make videos professional, there are many effects which not possible in Android phones video editing before the kinemaster app for editing, but if you are using the free version of kinemaster then You will have two types of effects which are 


Gaussian Blur

You may have seen the blur effect in some movies and videos using the mosaic effect. You can use the blue effect in your videos, but with paid kinemaster, you get some more effects. 

For paid, you need to buy a yearly or monthly subscription, But the Good news is these effects are currently available in Kinemaster Lite Mod Apk, so You can use them for free also. 

Here is a list of Effects 

Pop Out


Auto HDR

Mirror Warp


Sketch 2.0



Radial Blur

Swirl 2.0

Split Spectrum

Anaglyph Slide

Rolling Ball

Square Halftone

Digital Crash


Focus Blur 2.0

Wave Warp



Neon Outline


Pinch / Bulge

Poster Perfect

These all are great effects, but it may be quite dissatisfying for you that only two effects are available in the free version. Now let’s learn more in this article about the uses of these effects. 

I Have been using this kinemaster app and tried motion tracking. It’s just not unique but a more memorable than unique feature. For example, I made a floating petal change of colors on water using lights and motion sensors. It’s like nature and tech combined for a captivating sight. 

What is more special, I found, is that now we can change the colors and brightness in our videos to make them more unique.

It gives a professional appearance and changes the style that can make your videos in the style and mood you want! Many friends also reported that they were facing errors, but recently, they have also tested the new version, and the Good news is that there are no bugs or errors in it.

How to add effects in Kinemaster 

There are too many effects and ways to add these effects to your video. In this Guide, I will give you an example of the Fade effect and how to add this. 

Let’s get started now. Open the video if you want to add the effects, then in the toolbar, select the type. There are different types, like graphics, fade, and transition. Then you also have the option to set the parameters for set use. You can adjust by choice; Now, we will use the fade effect. 

For a smoother transition, use the slider below the timeline to control the speed. To make a repeating animation, pick “Loop” from Transition Duration, and for a fading effect, select “Dissolve” from Transition Type.

Once done, hit on okay and preview your video if this seems best. You may also share it with your friends. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How many free effects are available?

There are only two effects which are free 

Q. Is it worth paying for extra effects?

Yes 100% it worth for paying

Q. Once an Effect is downloaded. How do I import the Effect?

No need to import extra effects. The downloaded one shows up alongside the free options on the same screen.

Q. Can I add Effects if I’m working with Chroma Key?

Exactly, the Effect is added like a layer. Just like a Chroma Key layer, no complications.


Overall, kinemaster is the best video editing app that can take your video editing level to a notch! It has all the best features. In this article, we have discussed all effects in kinemaster, which will help you make your videos more unique using all these effects!

We have discussed everything and tried to make an easy guide for all our users hope you enjoyed reading this article and will share it with your friend.

You can also report any issues to our email at We will be here to help you, so don’t wait any longer and download today’s latest version of kinemaster and take your video editing to the next professional level! 

Best of Luck – Happy editing 

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