how to save kinemaster video in gallery

how to save kinemaster video in gallery

Kinemaster is the best video editing app for editing your videos, and many users use this kinemaster for editing their videos. This App is also a popular video editing app on the Google Play Store. But in the interface of Kinemaster, there is no option for exporting the videos to the gallery. Because of this, many users get confused. But Worries not, in this Article, We will guide you on save video from kinemaster to your gallery.

Too many video editing applications are available on the Google Play Store, but Kinemaster is the top video editing application for editing. Videos many people use this for doing their video editing nowadays.

The App is free for download on both Google Play store and the App Store, offering many unique features for editing your videos. You can add any music video, sound effects, and many more amazing features for video editing you will get with a premium asset store.

The App is best for video editing and is available on the Play Store and Apple Store. You can also download it from Our Website. The app features are unique. You can use and create videos, but in the interface of Kinemaster, there is no option to export the video or save the Kinemaster video in the gallery. We have a solution that will help you keep your videos.

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Let’s Understand How to do this.

Step No. 1: Open Your phone

Click on Kinemaster App to open and Open your App. Make sure the App is installed on your smartphone. If not, You can also install it from Our Website or Playstore. It is also available for IOS Users on the App Store.

Step No. 2: Locate the Video which You want to save.

Now, next, Have a look. You will see the option of the My Projects tab in the Kinemaster app. In this, all your videos which are pending or currently not saved will show that find out the video from the videos You want to save.

Step no 3 Click on Share.

After clicking on share, You will see options to export and share your video from the Kinemaster app. Now, you need to select the resolution in Kinemaster. There is two option for Export.

1/ Export into Low resolution
This will export your videos fast, but video resolution will be Low.

2/ Export into High resolution
This will export your videos in High Quality, But remember that it will take extra time to export or save your video in the gallery from Kinemaster.

Consider low and High before exporting your video. We will save your video in the gallery after considering your resolutions and frames per second. Just click on share.

Step No. 4 Wait

After doing this, click Export Now, and Your video will start exporting to the gallery. Remember that shipping the tape in your phone gallery may take some time. How much time will it take? It may take a few minutes, depending on the quality of the video. Just wait and keep your application open. Once done, your video will be saved in your gallery from Kinemaster.

Now, you can watch your video in the gallery and share it with your friends.

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