Kinemaster Video Export Problem

Kinemaster Video Export Problem Fixed: 6 Ways

Kinemaster is a very popular video editing app used by many smartphone users nowadays. This application helps you to edit your videos with all premium features without using any laptop or computer. 

Kinemaster has all the features for video editing, and this app is perfect for all the social media content creators & video creators who want to edit their videos! 

Exporting the videos in the Kinemaster mod is problematic for some users. When exporting the videos, it shows that the rendering process is stopped. It may be frustrating for you or anyone who edited their video with efforts to make their videos unique, and at the time of exporting, suddenly, errors come, and you are unable to export your videos. 

Well, worry not. We are here to help you and solve your issue today!

Fix: Kinemaster Video Export Problem

Let’s discuss various ways to solve this issue for you, and you can easily export your videos using the kinemaster app. Now your problem will be solved, and you can edit your video and export your projects easily without any errors. 

Clear background running apps

Your phone may have too many apps running in your background. It would help if you cleared some phone video decoders preventing their kinemaster mod apk from processing their videos. 

To solve this issue, you must clear the recent apps the apps which are running in your background and close them all. 

You can now retry the exporting process whenever you get this issue again. Just use this same technique, and your issue will be solved. 

Now your problem will solve after doing this step. If your problem is still the same, read our other methods in this article to solve this issue. 

Export video in lower resolution

Your phone sometimes cannot export the resolution you selected, so the simple solution is that you can export your videos in lower resolution. There are different types of resolution like QHD 1440p, HD 1080p and 4k. Also, if one is not working, export your video to another resolution. This may also solve your issue. 

Some people’s phone’s capabilities are small that kinemaster can ship a high-resolution video in your phone gallery if your smartphone lacks the required features which are needed and necessary for video editing.  

Force stop Kinemaster and restart

You must force-stop your phone and restart it again to properly use the kinemaster apk version. For that, you need to go to your phone settings, then apps settings, then click on kinemaster and force stop. After that, your phone will stop using the kinemaster apk in your phone sometimes. This also prevents kinemaster from exporting your videos, so open the settings, force stop the app, reopen it again, and then check. After that, you won’t notice any errors if this method works for you. 

Restart your phone

If any technical trick is still not working, it may be fixed by restarting your phone. Yes, when you will restart your phone, it will close all from the background. It will clear all background, and your kinemaster will start working again – this amazing trick. You can try this without doing any technical tasks. We hope this process will help you and solve your issue. It will help you restart your phone and solve your issue! 

Clear Kinemaster cached data

It may be because of export crashes in your kinemaster app but worries not; now this issue will also solve using this trick. Just open your phone settings, then go to app settings. After that, click on your kinemaster app. After clicking on it, click on clear cache. 

After this step, when you reopen your app, your app will look like a new one, but worry, click on access to storage permission, and your previous projects will not be affected. Now check your video will be exported to your kinemaster. This trick will work for you! 

Use a different version of Kinemaster

It is also possible that your kinemaster apk is not compatible with your Android phone for this issue; you can try the version of kinemaster from the google play store or app store. 

If you are looking for an old apk version, you can also download it from our kinemaster Apks download page, where you will get all the versions of kinemaster 

Download the old version, and your issue will be resolved. 

Those are all the only methods to fix the kinemaster export issue. We hope these methods helped you and solved your issue. If there are still any issues, use our old version of kinemaster for your video editing. 

If any questions, you can comment below or ask us by sending us an email at 

Have a nice day. 

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