Kinemaster Vs VN Video editor

Kinemaster Vs VN Video Editor  – A Comparison Guide

Kinemaster and VN Video Editor are Video editing apps that people use to edit their videos using smartphones. Now Most People are asking which one is better: VN ( Vlog Now ) Editor or Kinemaster. In this article, I am going to guide you with my experience of editing videos using both video editors.

Kinemaster mod apk V8


Kinemaster is a popular video editing app that most content creators use to create their videos and edit their videos for their social media content and YouTube channels. The app is very popular.


When you search for the best editing apps on Google Play Store in the list you will also see the Name of this app. Kinemaster is the top video editor on the Google Play Store and has had too many downloads for a long time. I have been using this app for editing my videos and YouTube vlogs. This app made my editing easy by just using my smartphone. I can edit any video at any time without a PC.

Features of Kinemaster 

  • Kinemaster has too Many Features Like 
  • No Watermark 
  • Green screen effect
  • Video Speed features
  • Voice over features
  • Background effects 
  • Animations 
  • Premium store 
  • Stickers 
  • Social media sharing 
  • Drag and drop timeline
  • Transitions
  • And much more 

VN Video Editor

VN is also Known as Vlog now video editor the app is also a popular video editing app for editing videos people use this app to edit their videos and short videos Like YouTube shorts/TikTok videos and other content Like Facebook reels.

The features of the VN Video editor are less than Kinemaster editing app

Here is a list of Some Features of the VN Video Editor

  • Text, Subtitles
  • Voice
  • Animations
  • Drag and drop timeline.
  • Speed Features
  • Transitions
  • Picture in Picture
  • Voice over
  • And Some other Features brightness, Video Reverse, and Green screen effect.

So these are features of the VN Video editor that We discussed now let’s discuss supporting systems.

 VN Video Editor VS Kinemaster in supporting systems

SystemKinemaster Video EditorVN Editor
For Android YesYes
For IOSYesNo
For MacYesNo

Who is the VN video editor and Kinemaster made for?

Kinemaster is a very professional video editing app and an old editing app with more features for editing your videos professionally if you are a professional video editor and looking for something pro video editor on a smartphone so that you can edit your videos using your smartphone without using pc or laptop then Kinemaster will be the best choice for you.

Using Kinemaster the big advantage is features are more than any other editing app and the Kinemaster mod version has no watermark which you can download from our website to edit your videos

VN Vlog now video editor is also a Good video editing app but it has fewer features than kinemaster for pro video editing. I would suggest you try kinemaster if you are looking for a very simple editor with fewer features then VN Will be best!

Demand Kinemaster VS VN Video Editor 

For many years I have been doing video editing and learning about video editing most people who are doing video editing for big levels on smartphones 90% suggest using kinemaster video editor for editing your video Kinemaster is old so why is more demand than any other video editing apps like VN Video editor. 


So in Final Words Kinemaster is the best video editing app for editing your videos it has many features for editing your videos in a professional way and best app for video editors all around the world. 

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